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Birthdate:Dec 16
Website:flaming wreck industries

If I could do just one near-perfect thing I'd be happy.

I don't speak Russian
Здравствуйте, русские люди? Я не говорю русского, но я чудесен! Я извиняюсь если это вздор. Я использовал Google Translate.

ask me how i became a pirate.

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11:11, 1950s retro-futuristic kitsch, 1950s supper clubs, 80s music, alphonse mucha, anime, anti-"panties", archaeocryptography, args, art, australian accents, baltimore, barenaked ladies, beulah, billy joel, blue beetle, bobby drake, booster gold, boys are stupid, boys with bedhead, brak, brian roberts, buffy the vampire slayer, chengwin, chris bachalo, cibo matto, coheed and cambria, coney island, cryptozoology, dah-nah-nah dah!, daria, donnie darko, drawing, eiichiro oda, el chupacabra, empire records, espionage, ethan embry, fantastic plastic machine, fastball, final fantasy, flight of the conchords, freakazoid, freakylinks, galaxy fraulein yuna, gene kelly, generation x, geocaching, ghosts, godspeed you! black emperor, googie architecture, gundam wing, harry potter, hauntings, iceman, illustration, indiana jones-era harrison ford, indie rock, indie rock hair, japanese club pop, jason mraz, jeff buckley, jem and the holograms, jeremy irons, john flansburgh, john linnell, judd and maggie, justice league unlimited, lightning, lost, loungecore breakbeat, luna park, major anthony nelson, memento, micky dolenz, micky dolenz's voice, nana, nazca lines, new york, nice sexy lattés, nothing but, occult, odacchi, of montreal, once around the block, one piece, paranormal, photography, pinback, pirates, platinum grit, pop art, populuxe, pretzels, psych, red robots, rock shows, roronoa zoro, rufus wainwright, sailor moon, scottish accents, shibuya-kei, shirking deadlines, space ghost, stealing people, steve burns, sufjan stevens, ted kord, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the decemberists, the incredible moses leroy, the mighty boosh, the monkees, the weakerthans, they might be giants, tmbg's other thing, toasters, umbc, unflinching man-steel, x-men, zombie!boone, zorak
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